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Resurfacing facial

Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, firms the skin. Treats scars and stretch marks.

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Fractional laser resurfacing has been a must for nearly 20 years in aesthetic medicine to improve the various skin problems related in particular to texture, spots and fine lines. Their principle is as follows: create micro ablation zones in wells in the skin, i.e. multiple microscopic perforations in the dermis, while leaving the surrounding skin regions intact in order to trigger the skin's natural healing process. .

Treatments can also be performed on various areas of the body. Non-ablative lasers are ideal for the treatment of stretch marks on the stomach and thighs, pigment spots on the hands as well as for the sagging of the décolleté.

With great precision and reliability, each point of laser thus eliminates aged or damaged skin cells and leaves room for fresh and shiny skin, less acne scars, stretch marks, pigment spots and freckles.

There are two categories of fractional lasers whose energy delivered varies in terms of power (calculated in joules), wavelength (calculated in nanometers) and heating time (calculated in milliseconds). This “adaptability” is therefore a clear advantage; the parameters can be modulated according to the extent of the skin damage to be treated and the patient's skin type.

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