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Skin care 

soin du visage

The real secret to healthy skin is its natural ability to lock in moisture in all of its layers. To achieve healthy skin, the dermal base must first be nourished.  

The fundamental science of ELTRADERM products lies in soluble native collagen, hyaluronic acid and active natural moisturizing factors which promote essential and long-lasting nutrition to the skin and improve deep tissue repair to perfect its resistance and appearance. .

​ Increasing the level of hydration in the deeper layers of the skin considerably promotes epidermal hydration to transform dehydrated, imbalanced or damaged skin into healthy, supple skin with perfect radiance.  

  • soins du visage incluant un peeling

    1 hr 30 min

    125 dollars canadiens
  • Élimine les impuretés et les polluants de la peau

    1 hr

    95 dollars canadiens
  • Traitement qui procure un effet de soulagement et d'apaisement

    1 hr

    95 dollars canadiens
  • Un soin dorlotant et regénérant pour le corps

    1 hr

    135 dollars canadiens

  • 2 hr

    245 dollars canadiens
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